Ughhhhhh…..90s fashion trends! The thing is with the 1990s, they were not exactly our finest fashion decade. Yes somehow those god awful 90s fashion trends that you swore you would never been seen in in your adulthood have made a comeback and are around every damn corner.

Need proof of this ghastly fashion regression? I recently walked into Urban Outfitters in Oxford Street and felt like I had entered a bad trip into the realm of 1990s fashion which my grungy 90s self probably would have been in her element, but my 40-something-year-old-self wanted to vomit all over. Probably showing my age here style wise, but here are 90s fashion trends you’ll remember from the first time round that you will probably be wanting to run away from fast this time round.

Wideleg trousers and trainers

You can thank quintessially 90s girl group All Saints for this one. In fact you can probably attribute quite a few of these 90s fashion trends and style shockers to them! Whether they be fetching combat trousers or wide leg jeans, all you need to finish off this 1990s turned TikTok Y2K look is some similarly bad taste platform trainers. Throw in some streakly highlights and and a choker and you’ve nailed it!

Checked shirts

“I wanted to be a lumberjack! Leaping from tree to tree”. Hopefully you will be old enough to know the reference here which is a Monty Python classic. That is unless you’re feeling the return of the check and plaid shirt ’90s grunge vibe a la Kurt Cobain. Pair with some ripped denim and baggy tee and away you go….

Oversized blazers

Probably one of the few 90s fashions trends us 80s babies can actually get on board with without wanting to spew, the oversized dad blazer is just the kind of roomy thread which is suprisingly easy to style and can even be worn with sweats or a loungesuit…a much better rendition than the pant suit of my 90s but just don’t expect me to wear it over a boob tube!

90s fashion trends

Tie dye anything

You can blame the Friends come back from this one (unless Bez from the The Happy Mondays has inadvertedly become a style icon???!). But somewhere along the way rainbow tie dye became cool again. Just don’t try making your own at home. Because I did and it wasn’t pretty!

Bucket hats

God knows why anyone would like to look like Bill and Ben the Flowerpot Men a second time round but there you have it. Especially ridiculous when furry. Pass us the sick bucket (hat).

Bum bags

Strangely alluring due to their practicality, and also very useful for storing dog treats while out walking with your mid-life crisis puppy. Can we also talk about the fact that some people actually call them a fanny pack? Wayyyyy too literal for our liking. And as for wearing them over your shoulder FFS?

90s fashion trends

Claw clips and scrunchies

Anything to save a bad hair day. Really anything? I am still yet to be convincced that a scrunchy or claw clip might save a bad hair day….more perhaps add to it. Just ask Paula Abdul.

Cropped anything

If you can name it, you can crop it – cropped cardigans, jeans, tops, hoodies, jackets. Just a shame our middrifts are not the same as those of our 90s too!

Sheer…oh dear!

Remember when you used to save up your money to buy yet another sheer top from Morgan or Kookai? Well, let’s face it, these days we are no Madonna and for me it’s definitely more oh dear than sheer!

Which of these 90s fashion trends that have made a come back would you most definitely not be seen dead in? For some proper style over 40 inspiration why not check out our latest Instagram reel here?

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