3 habits that can help simplify everyday life

Between fast-paced work deadlines, household chores, managing your tax returns, and all sorts of other things, life very often seems to become quite complex virtually of its own accord.

Today, in addition to all of the normal sources of stress and complexity that we face in everyday life, everyone is also bombarded by an unprecedented amount of information and stimulation, through their digital devices and the all-encompassing information infrastructure that surrounds us all.

It’s hardly too surprising, then, that so many people are yearning for a bit of simplicity. The kind of simplicity that means that DIY projects get done quickly and smoothly with clarity of focus, energy, and robust resources such as those sold by Glue Guns Direct. The kind of simplicity, also, that means there’s actually the opportunity to wind down at night and to do some quiet reading before bed.

Here are just a few habits that can really help you to simplify your everyday life.

Start finally taking your sleep seriously

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Chronic sleep deprivation is at epidemic levels as we speak, with huge numbers of people all around the world getting far less sleep than they need each night.

According to leading sleep researchers such as Matthew Walker, this is a catastrophe, as even just modest sleep deprivation leads severe impairments to overall health and well-being, in a range of different ways.

One of the many insidious things about sleep deprivation, is that makes it significantly harder to properly assess information, to remain focused, and to be both calm and productive.

If you are currently sleep deprived, in other words, life will always seem far more complex and chaotic than it would if you were well rested.

By beginning to take your sleep seriously, and finding ways to get more and better quality sleep on a daily basis, you are very likely to find that your life largely seems to “simplify” itself.

Get in the routine of mindfully doing just one thing at a time

A major part of a sense of overwhelming complexity, and lack of control, often comes from simply trying to do too many things at one time.

Although many people consider themselves skilled multitaskers, researchers have found that when individuals attempt to multitask, they’re not only less efficient and effective at any one thing they are doing, but they experience significantly heightened stress levels as a result.

If you want to do your best at whatever it is you’re doing, while also feeling more in control, and simplifying your life, try to get into the habit of doing one thing at a time, mindfully.

Come up with one thing to focus on first and foremost each day

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Knowing what you want to achieve each day – and identifying your priorities – can help to free up a lot of energy and to relieve a lot of stress.

On any given day, you may need to do a bunch of different things. But if you could identify one thing that would make that day a “success” if you accomplished it, this can simplify the day as a whole, significantly.

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