40 things to do now that you’re 40

So now that you’re 40, what exactly does that change? Some might say nothing, but there is a feeling that perhaps we have less time to do what we wanted before – that time is becoming more precious. While it’s all too easy to have an existential or mid-life crisis at this point, instead of having a freak out, we say it’s to do what you’ve always wanted to do but have never done!

With that in mind- for your inspiration – we’ve put together this list of 40 things to do now that’s your 40. Because now is the time to live it baby!

40 things to do now that you are 40

1. Do something jaw-dropping

….that will have everyone in your family talking about you.

2. Embark on a really bizarre hobby

…along the lines of soap carving, making snow globes, beetle fighting or mooing (yes really it’s a thing!). More idea on weird hobbies here.

3. Drive your dream car

Can’t afford one? No shame, go and hire one for the day instead.

4. Try a watersport

…if you haven’t already – think windsurfing, kite surfing, wakeboarding or jet skiing for the ultimate in adrenaline rushes.

5. Take flight

Book a helicopter or hot air balloon trip.

now that you're 40

6. Woman-up

…and go on the scariest ride possible at a theme park

7. Unleash your inner dare devil

Do a sky-dive, bunjee jump or abseil if you’ve always wanted to but still not ticked it off your bucket list.

8. Sleep under the stars

Go camping/glamping, roast marshmellows over a fire, sing camp songs, make breakfast on a camping stove…I am always amazed at how many people say they have still never done so.

9. Rediscover where you live

Make like a tourist for the day where you live and see it with a pair of fresh eyes.

10. Sort your s*** out

Have therapy and sort out any unresolved issues you’ve dragged with you through life – or take them to the grave with you.

11. Feel the fear and do it anyway

Knock your biggest fears on the head – whether it’s a fear of heights, spiders, snakes with either exposure therapy or hypnotherapy.

12. Release your inner child

Do something ridiculous like sliding down the bannister, dressing up in fancy dress for no particular reason, play Twister, have a go on your child’s skateboard…..

13. Bring out the entertainer in you

Learn some good jokes and a party trick or two if you don’t have some up your sleeve already.

14. Love yourself

Have a date with yourself whether it be to an art gallery, bar or restaurant. Learn to love yourself. You need to live with her for the rest of your life.

15. Find joy in movement

Learn how to dance – I mean really dance! – whether it be ballroom, salsa, tango or belly! Even a bear can learn to dance, and so can you!

now that you're 40

16. Make history

Create a time capsule and bury it somewhere in your garden. Make a note to dig it up in five years time.

17. Reconnect with your younger self

Write a letter to your younger self telling her everything you would ever want to.

18. Discover your inner mixologist

Learn how to make a decent cocktail if you don’t know how to already.

19. Stop dreaming, start doing!

Push the button on whatever you’ve been dreaming about doing….and do it!

20. Be a hero

Let go of your ego, be heroic and initiate the change you want to see rather than just waxing lyrical about it.

21. Do what the f*** you want

Have a blank canvas day – leave the house with no plans in mind and see where the day takes you

22. Open your ears (and mind)

Listen to all the weird radio stations available on digital radio – you will be amazed at some of the things you’ll find on there!

23. Remember every good friend was once a stranger

Start talking to strangers – in the supermarket, on the train, on your next flight. Opening up is a beautiful thing. And who knows, maybe – just maybe – they could end up being a new friend.

24. Protest!

Stand up for something you believe in. Go on a protest march, start a petition, appeal to your local councillor.

25. Be naughty

Make sure you’ve gotten up to enough mischief in life. If not, don’t worry…there’s still time.

26. Look up to the skies

Go stargazing, visit an observatory, look for UFOS, planets, shooting stars and satellites.

27. Experiment!

Experiment with hair colour. Going grey is your chance to have fun and relive your teen years when you hair was every colour of the rainbow

28. Experience true decadence

Bath in a tub full of rose petals, dried citrus and oat bath milk – for the ultimate in luxurious experiences

29. Be your own doctor

Quit relying on your GP to solve your health problems. Try alternative medicines and therapies.

30. Meditate

Start a meditation practice. It’s the most amazing way of connecting with your inner self.

31. Do your Kegels

Do your pelvic floor exercises. Your bladder will be thanking you for it as you continue to age.

32. Reconnect with your wardrobe

Have a massive wardrobe detox. Book a personal stylist or shopper for the day create a little reinvention.

33. Get in the picture

Commission someone to paint a portrait of take some professional photos of you.

34. Stay out of the sun

We all love the sun but who wants to look like a dried up pair of leather trousers?

35. Embrace the power of compliments

Start giving compliments to others more often and learn to receive compliments more graciously.

now that you're 40

36. Witness a miracle

Watch a sunrise from a mountain top and a sunset over the sea somewhere breathtaking.

37. Become a wordsmith

Try free writing or painting – grab a pen or paintbrush and just start writing or painting and see what comes out.

38. Hold the vision

Make a vision board of what you want your 40s to look like.

39. Silence your inner critic

It’s not nice to you and the only thing it’s good for is reaffirming untruths about yourself.

40. Organise a reunion

Whether it be old friends, colleagues, or families, resist the cringe and enjoy the chance to reminisce about your former glory days.

What else would you add to this list of 40 things to do now that you’re 40? Let us know in a comment below and connect with us on Instagram here where we love to chat all things about life in your 40s!

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