Anxious about restrictions easing? 5 ways to manage the stress

From today the rules are changing

Restrictions are easing in the UK. But, honestly, my heart is sinking a little and I’m feeling anxious about it.

On the surface, I’m an extrovert. I will talk to anyone. I will smile at you until you smile back at me. Full of energy, rather annoying and always happy. Until I’m not. I can’t paste a smile on if I’m worried, scared or unhappy about something. It’s written all over my face and sometimes I can’t hide from people. Until now. Face coverings, although a little constricting, have offered me a little solace. Quite handy really.

With covid-19 restrictions lifting across the country I’ve realised something sad. I’m going to miss my little bubble. Having not been allowed to have people over, my standards slipped a little. Mrs Hinch might be gasping in despair at me but I’d stopped buffing my faucets with such ferocity. The family didn’t seem to notice and nor did I. I stuck to the bare minimum. We had clean clothes, clean plates to eat off and the dried cheerios would periodically get hoovered up. But now the guests are coming back. And I’m frantically buffing again. I can’t help it. Talking to other people can be exhausting. So, guys, we need to take this one step at a time. Especially if, you’re like me, and can get your knickers in a right old twist. Here’s my advice to socialising as covid-19 restrictions lift, top 5 stylee.

1. Don’t overbook yourself

Last week, I was super excited to see a friend for tea in the garden but I had stupidly arranged to see another friend later that morning. Just because I could. Most people wouldn’t bat an eyelid but I spent the majority of the time fretting about the time and trying to be calm and relaxed. I’d forgotten that actually, I’m not very good at sitting down and relaxing with company. I’m much more of a keep it moving kind of girl. I don’t want to put a label on my personality. I imagine I have a form of ADHD but being older, I can manage my time and surround myself with people who understand my quirks and don’t care.

2. Don’t go anywhere you don’t want to go

Time is so precious. Unless it’s to the detriment of someone else’s feelings (and this person is super special to you)…. just say NO. If you don’t want to go somewhere. Don’t go. Just say NO. It’s so liberating. How many times have you dreaded going somewhere? Here’s a revelation…. Just don’t go. Do what makes YOU happy. I’ve always loved being at home and staying in. If you’re like that too then just enjoy it and don’t feel guilty about being content about it.

3. Ditch the shitty friends

We’ve all got them. The mate you hate. You can’t remember why you’re friends. They bring you down. They drain the life out of you. Hate no more. Ditch them, delete them and move on hun.

4. Plan an adventure

Go somewhere new. Don’t take adventure for granted. Because we don’t know when it will be taken away again. We are so lucky to be able to explore our wonderful planet. So get adventuring today. We discovered so many gems within walking distance from our front door and those visits became so important during lockdown. It doesn’t have to be fancy. I recently visited Avebury. I’d never heard of it. It was magical. Check it out here. If you’re feeling bold, you could also consider carpooling for your next adventure!

Which brings me to my final piece of advice.

5. Practise hovering over the toilet seat

I bought a Shewee and the first time I used it out, I peed down the back of my jeans.

I’ve been dreading using public toilets during the plague. I could never perfect the art of squatting so I knew I’d need a full-proof plan to protect my lady bits from being exposed to any potential germage. We took a day trip for the first time and I knew I’d need a plan. I made up a little bag containing a clean mask, antibacterial wipes and hand sanitiser. My plan was to wipe the seat with the antibacterial wipes within an inch of its life then line the toilet seat with paper.

But to my surprise……. all that lockdown exercise had come in handy….. I held a squat like a PRO! I recommend a course of wall sits and you too will be able to perfect the art of the wee squat position.

Still anxious about restrictions easing? Let’s take it each day at a time

So here we all are. The start of a return to a life more ordinary. For some of us it’s a daunting prospect. For some it’s a relief and others this whole experience has been an opportunity to take stock and think about what’s important to them and has incited a change. Perhaps for the better. Perhaps not. One of the perks to being 40 was that I got to have my covid vaccine last week. It’s offered me a reassurance that IF I am exposed to the virus, I PROBABLY won’t require as much intervention than if I hadn’t had one. And for that reason… it was totally worth it.

Whatever the next few months holds for us let’s do it with gratitude in our hearts, kindness in our souls and buns of steel to hover without peeing down our trousers! How are you coping with the easing of restrictions? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

Photo by Elly Fairytale from Pexels

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