How to be formidable in your 40s

With age comes knowledge and with knowledge comes power. In my 40s I certainly feel the urge to take more control over myself, my actions and essentially respect myself a whole lot more than I ever did. Back in June we did a piece on Imposter Syndrome with breakthrough coach, Sarah Pittendrigh. We loved her insights and asked her to offer her expert top 10 tips on how to be formidable in your 40s. Here’s what she thinks.

1. Are you taking too much on?

Just because you can, does not mean you should – start delegating to make more time for you!

2. Are you forever saying yes?

Learn the art of saying no– you are too old to be doing things you don’t enjoy – if it isn’t going to delight you, why do “it”?

3. Why am I not happy?

Take responsibility for your happiness, if you are not happy work on understanding why? Create a happiness plan!

4. Be inspired

Stop procrastinating, you haven’t got time! If you want to do something, set a new goal, start a business, leave the shitty job, take action. Find people who can help you and inspire you.

5. Are you making excuses?

Drop the get out card. Stop making shitty excuses. You can do whatever you want to do. Stop saying you haven’t got time! You always have time for others, make time for you!

6. What are your priorities?

Where do you sit on your priority list? Are you even on it? Start removing people who don’t give you the time of day and put you right at the top!

7. Are you taking care of your body?

As we get older our bone density weakens – keep fit and strong. Good nutrition and exercise are so important post 40, especially with the menopause to contend with. Overhaul your diet and fitness routine. Walking is so good for you and your mental health.

8. Spring clean

Declutter your life – shitty friends, shitty relationships and shitty clothes! Clear it all out and make way for a new confident and vibrant vibe.

9. Knowledge is power

You’ve probably made shit loads of mistakes in your life by now, so you have learned an awful lot – this is good! You now know so much more than you did, knowledge is power – step into your power and use those lessons to your advantage. Where do you want to go or be in the next 18 months?

10. Put the work in

Make yourself a priority – if you are suffering from self limiting beliefs, imposter syndrome and anxiety, do the work. Seek out support, a mentor or coach who can help you to do the work to understand the root cause. Remove the root and make space for your new growth, the growth that will deliver your goals and ambitions.1

About the Author

Sarah is a multi award winning entrepreneur, franchisor and mentor. In 2008 she was a bankrupt single mum on income support, which left her plagued by anxiety and panic attacks – imposter syndrome and self limiting beliefs

When the world stopped during 2020, which in turn made her slow down and reflect, She looked back at the last 20 years of my life and realised at 48 years old She had worked so hard and been so busy facilitating everyone and everything else that I’d lost the most important piece of the puzzle – her.

She decided to use this forced time at home to work on herself as she would her businesses and used the method and framework She’d drawn upon to build and scale them, to refocus myself and to reframe my own personal goals. 

The result has now become The I CAN Method, her mind set re boot, which she uses across all of her one-to-one coaching programmes, a framework that will give you space and structure to reframe your goals and your purpose.

Her motto – It’s never too late and you are never too old! Contact Sarah here.

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