How to have a more unconventional Christmas this year

Are you longing to shake things up for Christmas this year? Maybe you are yearning for a more unconventional Christmas this year, after more years than you can remember of doing the same old thing. The last two years have provided copious opportunities for reevaluating what we do, and the way we do it – and that applies to Christmas also.

So if you’re open to having a more unconentional Christmas this year, or perhaps just incorporating just a few more unconventional ideas into this year’s festivities read on my friends! Here, Natalie Farrell – Soulpreneur and author of Light The Way, a companion for modern-day changemakers who want to approach life in a more unconventional way – shares here ideas for a more unconventional Christmas.


I’m dreaming of a stress-free Christmas with every single breathe I take…where the family be self-sufficient, and the children listen, to hear everything I say!!!

Look I’ll get straight to the point…3 points in fact!

  • Life is for receiving every day
  • Giving gifts just for the sake of it numbs down our receptors to receive unconditional love
  • Turkey is not just for Christmas it is a lean meat which is great for our bodies all year round

Hi I am Natalie. I’m 41. Writer. Singer. Creator. Adventuring every day, the unconventional way, with my soul mate in Cadizfornia, the California of Spain. 

Unconventional Living comes naturally to me…

I love to step out of the norm into an abyss of explorative threads. Why because it stretches us as humans beyond our traditions, perceived ideas, and ideals to experience something else than the patterns and habitual (yawn, yawn) habits we keep ourselves prisoner to.

Before we go on, I want you to know I LOVE CHRISTMAS. But I love to bend the way I celebrate this beautiful seasonal holiday.

Perhaps like me you are 40+ woman in her power decade? Wishing to show up every day in a vulnerable way? To get excited by the possibilities of life? Break the mould extract yourself from tradition and approach life and business the unconventional way? So I am here to share with you a few ways to start doing exactly that…to turn around your Christmas Day and make it sparkle with a difference this year.

3 things really frustrate me when it comes to Christmas Day:

  • The unnecessary expectations/people’s lack of will power to speak out and spend Christmas Day the way they want to spend it
  • Over giving/gifts that get thrown away or go unnoticed 
  • The pressure it puts on people who don’t have a family/child and how this triggers emotions such as feeling unwanted, lost, and unloved at this “special time of year”

It’s just one day!

So, darling one this Christmas…I am inviting you to walk into a winter wonderland of mystery & take a walk on the wild side. To dive into the abyss of Unconventional Celebration I have conjured up 3 ways for you to approach Christmas Day The Unconventional Way. Tiered especially for you from The Unconventional Novice to the GO ALL IN Unconventional Expert.

Whichever one you choose I am Inviting you to kick the habit of overindulging and being a slave to Christmas traditions and start 2022 fresh and energised.

Here we go…

Unconventional Christmas Day No. 1 – Traditional with a twist

Unconventional Grading: Novice

This is for you is you if: You love a traditional Christmas; not quite ready to go 100% Unconventional.

Challenge: Role Reversal

Create a list of all the roles you can think of within your household/community for example:

  • Who is always the cook?
  • Who always wraps the presents?
  • Who is the lazy MF who lets everyone pamper to their needs?
  • Who cleans up the dishes/ rubbish/takes the bins out/left over food?
  • Who gets up late? Or not at all?
  • Who delivers the neighbours gifts/cards?
  • Who makes the tea/coffee/deserts?
  • Who picks the dregs of the food out from the kitchen sink?
  • Who tells the jokes?
  • Who is in charge mostly of the TV control?
  • Who spends most time on digital devices?


Write each role/stereotype on a card…

Mix up the roles each person plays so you can all experience and enjoy all aspects of the day and see it from the perspective of another too.

Pop it into a Christmas hat and then pull out a role first one to be pulled is on Christmas Eve so you all wake up knowing the role you must play…

I suggest changing roles every 2-3 hours and then by 4pm you can stop and if you wish fall back tummy gleaming into your Conventional Christmas day

Unconventional Upgrade: Keep all the leftovers and create a beautiful Boxing day feast to share with neighbours or anyone you know who this Christmas is alone and needs some extra care and love.

Unconventional Christmas Day No.2 – Fitness Extravaganza

Unconventional Grade: Mover and Shaker; ready to have a go

This is for you is you if: Fed up with the boring stuffing yourself thing; love being different; jump for joy to the idea of keeping fit whatever day it is.

Challenge: Create your own Finite Fitness Festive Retreat (Soho meets Boho style).

The day is yours beautiful one to sculpt, burn, sweat, replenish, rehydrate relax.

Finite Fitness Festive Retreat Suggestions…

  • Wake up with the sun
  • Connect with your body and mood with a body mapping meditation
  • Connect with your partner and family too
  • Make love (with yourself or partner)
  • Physical activity of choice: run, swim, climb, beach, beach body on demand, beach volley etc…
  • Brunch: a delicious Unconventional array of nutritional nourishment suggestions are berry bowls with tahini and yogurt blitz sprinkled with cinnamon and orange spice along with a glass of homemade kombucha for that probiotic boost followed by Eggocado (egg grilled in the hole of half an avocado, asparagus sprinkled with seed and almond mix for some festive fibre and probiotic gutsy health!
  • Open gifts in a ceremony; sharing reasons why you chose the give the gift and then taking time to share why you loved receiving the gift
  • Afternoon bliss session: yoga, meditation, sound baths, anything which allows you and your nervous system to feel calm and plentiful
  • 5pm sit down to enjoy an Unconventional Christmas Curry accompanied with a side serving of roasted root veg crisps and a spoonful of keto brussels sprouts cooked with a splash of cream and dash of sage. Finish this pallet of pleasures with a punch, with homemade truffles and a dollop of coconut cream with frozen raspberry coulis (no added sugar required just boil in a saucepan with a splash of water)
  • A final hike with the dog, family followed by a massage and delicious nap

Unconventional Upgrade: Celebrate into the night with a silent disco before you meditate yourself into sweet dreams.

Unconventional Christmas Day No.3– Call To Adventure

Grade: Unconventional

This is for you is you if: Want that GO ALL IN out of the ordinary experience; love creating days to remember.

Challenge: Hunter and Gatherer

Ok this one is sublime and for all of you who are ready to go all in and jump the consumer ship and jump into action as you call yourself and your family to a new adventure.

So here goes…

Get out of your box. By box I mean the comfort of the 4 walls which you call home.

Hunting and gathering is upon you darling one. This Christmas Day you are going to peel away layers of conditions and traditions and set yourself and your family the task of getting back to the roots of your ancestors. You may crate some friction but this really is a way for you all to get to know each other and love each other fiercely into the New Year…a Christmas bonding experience like no other!

Keep it simple with three destination settings:

  • Forest
  • Beach
  • Nature Reserve


  • Pack the essentials to make a survival revival Christmas lunch
  • Set yourself a task to build a camp
  • Set up tents
  • Go foraging pick up gifts from the earth to give to each other tell stories as to why you chose this gift (no consumer gifts in sight please!)
  • 3pm all give a speech for 2-3 minutes about your desires for 2022
  • Mindfulness Hour – use the sounds of nature as your motivation – what is that noise? Charades with the surroundings to flair your creative juices, sing make up stories, dance climb trees, go wild swimming, climb a hill/mountain.
  • Slow the day down with the light of nature…cosy on up with a fire or if you choose not to camp go back home and bring back the silence of nature into your home and take an early night waking up to Boxing Day hangover free and ready for a) another unconventional day or b) a traditional day.

Unconventional Upgrade: No technology – leave it all behind and surround yourself with the abundance of your own senses as they are tantalised by this outdoor Unconventional Christmas adventure.

So are you tempted to shake off the shackles of tradition and have a more unconventional Christmas this year? Which of the unconventional Christmas ideas appeal to you? Let us know in a comment below and connect with us on Instagram.

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