The A-Z guide to your 40s

This is the A-Z of being in your 40s. From south heading boobies, flipping hormones in the run up to the dreaded M-Word to daring to try something new, talking to your inner child and celebrating our saggy bits. We created this alphabetised fun list makes you chuckle. Because there’s a lot of life left in us yet isn’t there? So let’s enjoy it and make the best of what we have left before it all decays, rots and we regret it.


Boobies. There’s only one way they are heading. South!

Contentment. At long last!

Daring….. to try something new. You might even like it!

Estrogen and the lack of it!

Farting, like ALL the time!

Geriatric pregnancies. Yup, after 35! Don’t believe us? Click here

Hormones. So many bloody hormones making us crazy!

Inner Child. Talk to her. She’s fun!

Jaded and feeling it a lot of the time.

Kissing. Do you still snog on the sofa like the olden days?

Love. It’s never too late to find it. But first, learn to love yourself.

MENOPAUSE. Bloody hormones!

NO to things you really can’t be arsed with anymore. Just. Say. NO!

Orgasms. Yes, Yes, Yes! And if you’ve never had one….Time to DIY!

Probiotics. Especially for your vag!

Questions. Soooooo many unanswered questions!

Really not giving as much of a shit about anything anymore!

Saggy bits. SO many saggy bits!

Time is so precious. Don’t waste it.

Underwear. Wearing huge pants!

Vaginal Dryness. Oh my god. It’s coming isn’t it

Whatever my friends! Be whatever you want!

X-Rated. Spice up your life!

Yes! Say it. Ditch the unhealthy FOMO.

ZZZZZZZ Sleep and needing lots of it. Like…. I can’t help but fall asleep on the sofa at 9pm.

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