How to feel body confident in the bedroom in your 40s

Remember wayyyy back when you would have happily swung from a chandelier naked in the bedroom? Fast forward on twenty years, and although women may feel more sexually confident in the bedroom in their 40s, most of us probably wish we had the body of our younger selves to go along with that. That said, feeling comfortable in your body and being body confident is in itself incredibly sexy, so how do accept the changes in our body and get down with our bad selves? Here, Sarah Lyons – image consultant, body confidence and wellbeing coach for women – spills the beans on how to look and feel like a body confident minx in your fourth decade:


As we age our bodies change and that is totally natural, however this can sometimes lead us to feel that we are unattractive sexually. Aging, pregnancy, weight loss, weight gain and our past relationships all have an impact on how we feel about our bodies. 

When we look at our changing bodies, we can feel disappointment or even disgust at the wrinkles, saggy breasts, stretch marks or wobbly tummies and to be honest it’s normal to have these feelings. But they must be recognized for what they are: grief, a loss and aging. Once we recognize this it can made it much easier to feel confident and comfortable in ourselves.

Being confident in ourselves is an inside job

Acceptance of the body we have now, is a great place to start building your body confidence. If we keep comparing ourselves to the past, we will never be happy let alone body confident in the bedroom.

Remember that “loving your body isn’t thinking your body looks good it’s knowing your body is good regardless of how it looks” – Dr Lindsay Kite

Once we start to feel good and start to value ourselves, confidence in all areas including the bedroom will flourish. I wish I had a magic wand that could give every woman a magic bullet to feel body confident in the bedroom but unfortunately, it’s all about the work you do on yourself. Below are some helpful tips you can start doing to help you feel more body confident in the bedroom.

Start with self-compassion

When building body confidence, show yourself the same love and kindness you would your best friend. This can start by looking at yourself in the mirror with a loving eye, not a critical one. Look at the positives and get to know your own body. Get to know your own body. I am always astonished at the number of women that don’t look at themselves in the mirror. It’s your body, get to know it!

Our words are so powerful

What we say to and about our bodies can have a massive impact on our body image. Try saying nice things to yourself. If we are constantly saying negative things to ourselves, we will never start to feel good.  

Remember you are not the only one that is feeling insecure

If you’re with a partner for a long time they could be feeling the same way! They may be thinking that you might not find them attractive so check in with each other. Communication is key. It may be an awkward conversion to start but you will be glad you talked.

Be grateful for your body

It’s the reason you’re here. It is your physical home during his lifetime. You are reading this because of your body, your breathing because of your body. Saying thank you can lead to untold body confidence and help you feel more body confident in the bedroom.

Don’t compare yourself to women you see in the media

Just because your body looks different, which every BODY does, doesn’t mean you don’t deserve pleasure. 

Find out what you like now

Our desires and how we like to be touched can change over time so don’t be afraid to explore new things or say no to things that you liked in the past. 

Try some mindfulness

We are often trapped inside our heads and wondering how we look to others. Why not bring some mindfulness into the bedroom? Being in the moment can help you get out of your head, enjoy the experience and feel more body confident in the bedroom.

Buy the beautiful underwear for you

You deserve it! Buy something that makes you feel sexy and powerful. If you are very shy about your partner seeing you in lingerie, then practice by yourself. The more you do something the more confident you become. 

Take the compliment

When others, especially your partner, says you look beautiful, take it at face value, a compliment. Learning to take a compliment is a great  confidence booster . Just say thank you don’t overthink it. 

Remember the moment you start to believe in yourself that’s when the magic happens.

About Sarah Lyons.

Sarah Lyons is an image consultant, body confidence and wellbeing coach for women, she helps women all over the country look and feel-good inside and out. Find out more at and follow her on Instagram @sarahlyonscoaching & @wellstyled_by_sarah.

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How to be body confident in your 40s

Remember in your 20s when you finally got that taste of sweet freedom and you felt invincible? Your body was probably a lithe machine of a vessel! No neither do I because quite frankly, it feels like another lifetime ago, and almost certainly a different person! Fast forward to now – your 4th decade – and urban legend tells us that you should be feeling confident in your 40s because of a whole list of reasons. The greatest reason is because we are allegdly supposed to no longer give a shit about anything (hmm debatable). But what about being body confident?

For many of us, our 40s are a time of great change in our bodies and this is exactly why it’s the perfect time to rewrite the narrative around our bodies and self-worth. But how do we do that?

Today we’re giving the floor over to Body Confidence Coach Sarah Lyons who having recently turned 40 herself shares her reflections and tips for feeling confident in both mind and body in your 40s – whatever the situation!


The fact that my body is now 40 years old is not something to be ashamed of, not something to hide or fix but it is a wonderful palace that I live in. My body is my home in this lifetime and I plan on enjoying it.

Having been around the block in regards to body confidence and finally made my peace I am truly looking forward to the next 40 year because it will not be filled with shame, self doubt or worry about  what anyone else thinks about me or my body. It is none of their business !

Being body confident means something totally different to me now  than even a few years ago. Body confidence to me was always about looking your best so people would think the best of you. It  was about trying to be a certain weight. Because being a teenager in the 90’s was all about being thin and thin ment being happy!

Body confidence now is about having an amazing connection with myself. I must be who I am regardless of how I look and regardless of what I weigh. Body confidence is about the relationship I have with myself and my body.

It has nothing to do with anyone else and I have stopped looking to outside sources for my validation and happiness. Yes I still love to wear my beautiful clothes but now I wear them for me to make me happy.

I can hear you asking how I got to this place of  body confidence. Well the answer is self acceptance and kindness.

Keys was to start being kind to yourself and accepting yourself are

  • To focus on your positive qualities
  • Say kind and positive words to yourself everyday
  • Avoid negative self talk
  • Set positive healthy goals and respect what your body can do.
  • Admire the beauty of others but do NOT compare yourself to them
  • Remind yourself that the media images we see are often unrealistic and unattainable .

Once I started to do these things they quickly became automatic, becoming body confidence is a change of mindset but it is something you have to work on daily. Putting in the work on yourself will lead to united rewards for you and the people around you. You deserve to live a fabulous life.

So how can we be body confident in different areas of our lives? As I said it starts with self acceptance and kindness. And here are some tips to get you started.

Social occasions

It is totally normal to feel some anxiety around social occasions , it is a new experience of meeting new people and being in a new place but try a few things to make it a little easier.

  1. Posture, you are a little bit older but there is no need to be slouching down. Stand tall with your shoulders back. Keep your head up and make eye contact.

2. Tone of voice -a friendly or gentle tone of voice is helpful in any kind of communication, especially an uncomfortable one. When you are mindful of how you say things, you will feel more confident. You will also make the people around you feel at ease.

3. Listen -becoming a good listener is always a good thing but especially in social situations. Don’t look at your phone all the time and use kind facial expressions to show you are listening.

4. Reality check -when we are in new situations like social ones our mind can run away with itself and we start to overthink or over analyze our existence and why we are there in the first place! Reconnect back to yourself with some deep breaths or box breathing .

5. Smile – my number one tip for loving yourself and feeling confident. Smiling is scientifically proven to make you feel better. Smiling at others will help you feel confident and make them feel great.

At work

Feeling confident at work can be hard if you don’t really love the job you are in – if it’s making you feel miserable and depressed then maybe consider moving on. Our work environment plays such a vital role in our wellbeing and confidence.

Here are my top tips for confidence at work:

  1. Cut out the negative self-talk. Try becoming your own best friend and use kinder, more reassuring words to and about yourself.By developing a positive mindset it will help you feel 100% more confident in yourself.

2. Focus on your own strengths not on your weaknesses, if anything needs some improvement don’t talk badly of yourself just work on it.

3. Ask for feedback, if you don’t ask for feedback you will never know how to improve and when its positive feedback just accept it and say thank you

4. Eliminate negative language – your body is always listening to you and if you are always talking to yourself in negative terms you will never feel confident.

5. Fake it till you make it, people may not agree with this one but it has always helped me out in a lot of situations. Acting like you are confident, speaking like you are confident is a sure way to start helping you feel more confident. The more you do it the easier it gets then you actually start to feel it for real !

Confidence as you get older

Our bodies change every day, none of us have the body we had 10 years ago let alone last year. Aging is part of life and it happens to us all no matter what expensive face cream we use! In order to start being confident at any age we have to accept where we are right now. Looking back and longing for the body we had in our 20’s is no good to us because we’ll never have that back . If we constantly measure ourselves against something in the past we are setting ourselves up for failure. Comparison is the thief of joy as the saying goes so whether you are comparing yourself to others or to your younger self it is not serving you . By doing this you will be chasing happiness that could be yours right now at this moment .

Here are my tips for being confident as we get older:

1. Write down all of your achievements – having done this myself I am blown away by how much I have achieved. You will be surprised when you start to really think how much stuff you have forgotten !

2. Develop and open mindset – when we have an open mindset we can start to learn new things and have new adventures. Life is for learning and you are never too old to learn.”Never stop learning because life never stops teaching”.

3. Update your image. Change up your look , change your hair or update your wardrobe this can give you an instant confidence boost.

4. Move your body. Our bodies love to move and find out how yours likes to move – is it dancing, pilates, yoga, or walking. Whatever it prefers, just keep moving.

5. Keep up the positive self talk, don’t join in when your friends start talking badly about thor bodies you steer the conversation to a more positive area.It very easy to get sucked in when others are talking but don’t let it. Stay with the positive !

6. Self care – looking after your well being inside and out will always help you feel confident and your body will thank you for it. Put yourself on top of the list.

7. Set some boundaries. This is also a form of self care. Get away from people who are draining your energy or making you feel bad. Think about the consequence of saying yes all the time.

Being confident at the beach or pool

For many this type of situation can cause a lot of anxiety. The thoughts of putting on swimwear can send people over the edge.

Again if you start to accept and be kind to your body this will be a lot easier .

  1. Buy a swimsuit that flatters your body shape.

2. Dont add any extra layers or skirts, this only adds bulk and may draw attention.

3. Remember having a beach body was made up by people in the fashion and weight loss industry to make you buy their product and feel bad about your body. Don’t let them win.

4. If you love the beach or love to swim don’t let the opinions of strangers stop you from doing what you love.

5. Remember fake it till you make it!

Having true body confidence comes from being our authentic self. When we are living as our true self everything starts to fall into place. It all starts with love and kindness towards you and your body. We only have one body in this lifetime and it’s our home so lets start loving and respecting it.

How confident are you feeling these days? Do you feel body confident? Share your thoughts in a comment below and keep the conversation going on our Instagram here.

Sarah Lyons is a body confidence and well-being coach for mums. Drawing from her own experience in motherhood she is passionate about helping mums develop a positive body image & reconnect to themselves. Get in touch through or

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