Dressing for your body shape – how to nail it and look amazing

Have you ever seen someone wearing something utterly amazing, totally crushed on it, and then realised it probably wouldn’t suit you? We might lament that we might “never get away with wearing that”, and the reason why? Because so often dressing well is really about dressing for your body shape. But how do you nail dressing for your body shape? Here, our resident stylist Katie Moore at stylepath_ldn tells us why dressing for your body shape is the secret to nailing your next wardrobe move.

Dressing for your body shape

Hour Glass

What is it?

Women with this shape have a smaller waist in comparison to their bust and bottoms. Busts and hips are similar in size.

Celebrities with this body shape

Kim Kardashian, Scarlett Johansson, Sofia Vergara

Flattering clothes

If you have this shape, you might want to accentuate your waistline by wearing wrap tops and dresses, belts on the waist line, high-waist skirts, and fitted clothes. Don’t wear baggy things that will make you look bulky or box-y.

Dressing for your body shape


What is it?

This body type doesn’t have just one particular area that stands out more than the others. Everything is close to the same size. This is perfect because you don’t have to try to minimize any body part.

Celebrities with this body shape

Natalie Portman, Mel C, Cat Deeley

Flattering clothes

Most things look good on this body type. If you want to add curves opt for v-necks. Fitted or flared jeans (creating curves) and french tucked tops into trousers.  

Inverted Triangle

What is it?

Women who have this shape tend to have broader shoulders and/or bigger bust in comparison to their lower body.

Celebrities with this body shape

Charlize Theron, Renee Zellwegger, Demi Moore

Flattering clothes

Shoulders! You have awesome shoulders, so feel free to show them off with a sleeveless dress or top. Also, to balance out your lower body, use fuller bottoms.

Dressing for your body shape

Triangle (pear)

What is it?

If your hips are bigger than the rest of your body, women with this shape are normally smaller busted but have wonderful full hips.

Celebrities with this body shape

Alicia Keys, Beyonce and Shakira

Flattering clothes

You need to balance out your upper body, square necks are great as they show off your collar bone drawing the eye up. Avoid anything low waisted as this will only accentuate your hips.

Oval (apple)

What is it?

Women with an apple shape are the biggest in their mid-section. Typically the lower body is smaller and they have a fuller bust.

Celebrities with this body shape

Queen Latifah and Kate Winslet

Flattering clothes

Draw attention to assets with no buttoned-up shirts but keep an elegant neckline with lower cutting tops.  No waist belts or low-cut trousers.

Well there you have it folks! Armed with this handy guide to dressing for your body shape you now have the knowledge and power to dress according to your favourite features with the clothes and silhouettes that will bring out the very best of you!

Spring dresses 101: How to style a dress for Spring

It’s time to transition your Winter wardrobe for Spring, and at this time of year it’s all about Spring dresses. But when you’ve been living in jumpers for what seems an eternity, how on earth are you suddenly supposed to just magically step out in Spring dresses when the concept couldn’t be any more alien? Here, our resident stylist Katie Moore of stylepathldn shares her top tips for rocking those spring dresses.


Firstly congratulations we made it through the long dark days of winter and now the smell of freshly cut grass and daffodils are upon us! Dust of those sunnies and commence……spring style is NOW. 

When it comes to styling a dress for spring, the possibilities are endless!

Layer to beat the chill

You can never go wrong with a piece of knit layered over the top, a sweatshirt for that more casual look or a lightweight jacket/blazer to smarten things up.  When the weather is warmer I recommend you invest in a short sleeve cardigan or a Broderie Jacket to keep the chill off. 

spring dresses
Pink floral address, H&M

If the shoe fits

As for shoes….. if it’s too cold for sandals or mules, a box-fresh pair of trainers will create an effortlessly casual feel. Ankle boots will give you a comfortable day to evening look or killer platform sandals are great for both comfort and style.

spring dresses
Hot pink maxi dress, The Style Attic

Accessories make everything better

Try and accessorise as much as you can to create different looks. A bright waist belt can really emphasis a colour statement or a more toned down option can pitch in that waistline to turn spring dress into a sexy evening look.

Whatever the look get the dress first, make sure it fits in with all your wardrobe staples, it hugs you perfectly and has multiple end uses. A spring dress isn’t just for spring. Buy right and you’ll be wearing it come rain or shine.

spring dresses
Black and cream dress, Zara

Are you ready to start wearing Spring dresses? Let us know what your favourite look above is and stay tuned to our Instagram community here for more fashion over 40 style tips.

Cover picture: Red floral dress, Hush sample sale

The denim trends you need to know for 2022

Ditch the leggings! Shove that loungewear to the back of your cupboard! Denim is back with a vengence for 2022 so pay attention people. Here, our favourite stylist Katie Moore of stylepathldn is here to tell us all about the denim trends you need to know.


We’ve been stuck in this skinny bubble for so long and finally it’s burst! All of a sudden there are shapes and lengths that we thought were unthinkable, the choice is super exciting, but do you need a little help deciphering the new denim trends and narrowing down your options?

Jeans are the ultimate wardrobe staple, they will support you in whatever scenario, although shapes and sizes can vary massively from brand to brand so it’s really important (and annoying for some) to go and try them on. I guarantee you will buy what suits you rather than your initial intention. Here are the denim trends you need to know for 2022:

Mom Jean

Retro-style and derived from the 80s/90s. Ultra high-waisted and loose fitting around the thighs and legs which then taper in at the ankle. Structured but relaxed and effortlessly cool.

Straight Leg

A straight leg is definitely your new staple. They should be fitted at the waist but have a slightly looser fit through the thigh and run off straight from the knee. Subtle enough for them to be dressed up or down. I prefer them on the ankle for a more modern vibe.

Wide Leg Jeans

Very flattering for all shapes. I prefer on the waist, not too high. A wide leg is slightly smarter and in black can look smart like trousers. I prefer worn with boots or heels as I like the silhouette it creates.

Mom Jean: Elle High Waist Straight Leg Jeans from Reiss now £40, Straight Leg: Kate Boyfriend Jeans from G-STAR RAW now £52.50, Wide Leg: High Waist Wide Leg Jean from Mango now £17.99

The Flare – Cropped or Full-length

The width of the flare will vary but it’s important to have a bit of drama to pull off this look. A low-slung cropped flare will give you a more relaxed look or super high waisted and maximum length will create a more…”I mean business” look.

Exposed Fly Jean

A great way to make a fashion statement with a subtle detail, a more casual look which can create a more authentic style. I’ve seen more brands offering this type of construction and although not an uber trend it’s definitely a new detail that people are grabbing hold of.

New Skinny 

Okay okay enough of the skinny bashing, the new skinny is surfacing as I know most of us will not part from our BFF. Find a great fabric with a slight stretch, high waisted (no muffin tops here) and most importantly not too tight, the fabric should cover you but not stretch over your body so the seams are bursting.. voila!

Our obsession with denim doesn’t just stop at jeans. As a nation we will grab onto anything that denim is made in! Dungarees, dresses, skirts and shorts are all good alternatives if you don’t want to squeeze into a pair of jeans. Denim is such a cult and the professionals in the fashion industry have worked incredibly hard to reduce waste, so don’t take your denims for granted guys, buy wisely and cherish your denim pieces. 

Flare: Bootcut and Flare D-Akemi Jeans from Diesel now £122,Exposed Fly: Button Front Flared Jeans from Oasis now £47.20, New Skinny: The Skinny B(air) Jeans, Duchess from 7 For All Mankind at John Lewis £136

Which of the above denim trends for 2022 are tempting you? Personally we’re looking forward to mixing up our denim wearing a lot more this year. How about you? And don’t forget to follow us over on Instagram here where we’ll be showing you how to wear all these different denim trends.

What to wear in January when you are sick of your wardrobe

Hands up who is completely bored of the content of their wardrobes and has no idea what to wear in January now all the sparkle and glitter of the festive season is far behind us? I always struggle so much knowing what to wear in January. The weather is miserable, we’re all suffering with winter blues, and seriously lacking any motivation or inspiration. We’re supposed to be feeling all brand new but feeling as grey as an old badger.

So friends, if you like me are also staring into your wardrobe in the mornings feeling as miserable as a bandicoot then it’s time for a shake up! Here, Katie Moore stylist at stylepathldn shares helps us cut through the drudgery and shares with us what to wear in January when you are sick of the contents of your wardrobe.

Wardrobe detox

First up, Katie advises we get brutal with a wardrobe detox. It’s as simple as doing the below:

1) Clear out and make sure you know exactly what you have

2) Try things on! Especially anything you aren’t sure on

3) Be ruthless! 

Once you’ve done that, then it’s time to….

Build your capsule wardrobe

Forget having a thousand things you never wear jamming up your wardrobe. It’s time to streamline. No clue? Fret not. Here Moore breaks down exactly what you need:

1) New jeans

Are you still squeezing into your old skinny’s? Try some new shapes… wide leg and kick flares are definitely shapes for SS22! 

2) Quilted waistcoats

These go over anything and looks very chic. Too hot, too cold… waistcoats can solve all your temperature problems. 

3) Colour

Do you need some colour in your world? If you know what colours suit you then great! If not, try having a colour consultation. 

4) Chunky boots

Get out of your trainers and stomp the streets!! Chunky boots can be styled with anything, dresses, jeans or skirts… easy chic winning! 

What to wear in January
70’s Button Patch Pocket Flare Jean, Warehouse, now £29, Chunky Sole Leather Chelsea Boots, & Other Stories, now £75, JDY quilted longline gilet, ASOS, £30

5) Buy a new frock

I believe in elegance and beautiful silhouettes, buying the right dress can make you feel a million dollars. Invest in a shape that suits you.   

6) Leather trousers

As we become increasingly re-accustomed to jam-packed social calendars, we’re gravitating towards multipurpose pieces that have day-to-night wearability. Leather trousers are the perfect do-it-all.

7) Modern knitted dress 

They are everywhere and rightly so, is there anything more appreciated and appropriate for January? Opt for an oversized chunky knit for extreme comfort or a fine gauge body clinger for an evening look. Perfect. 

8) Bags of envy

My top tip is to invest in a bag, save up and then splurge. There is a big trend towards vegan friendly bags and the demand for sustainability within the industry. 

What to wear in January
Leather-effect Straight Trousers, Mango, £35.99, Recycled Crossbody Circle Handbag in Lizard Print, La Redoute, now £19.50, Cosy Cable Crew Neck Knitted Dress Brown, Monsoon now £49

So time to shake off the blah and get back into the swing with a little bit of style. Personally we are all over the idea of leather trousers and knitted dresses. How about you? Stay tuned for more style inspiration over on our Instagram community here.

Woman photo created by wayhomestudio – www.freepik.com

How to keep cool and still look awesome

We wait all year for summer here in the UK. We spend 10 months complaining about the rain, the drizzle, the wind and the freezing cold. We talk incessantly about summer plans, hopes and dreams of picnicking by the riverside . Then, from depths of hell itself, an unspeakable heat descends upon us so unexpectedly. Taken by complete surprise, our un-pedicured tootsies shudder as they are thrust into the trusty Havaianas once more and we fret about how to keep cool.

What’s happened to the spring season I remember so fondly in the 80s? One day we are wrapped up in our down and duck parkas, the next, frantically searching for the denim cut offs we panic made last summer.

It’s too hot!

The general moaning begins within 24 hours of summer’s unexpected arrival. And I admit to it myself because there are times when it’s just too damn hot. I used to LOVE the heat. I would slather myself in tanning oil and roast from dawn to dusk in a bid to achieve the ultimate tan. These days I’m more concerned with melanoma and happily shade when I can and cover the rest of me in factor 40. I’m dreading the thought of hot flashes in the summer. During lockdown we invested in Dyson cool tower fan. Although it was insanely expensive, it’s worth every single penny even if we only use it for 3 days a year!

What’s a girl to do?

How to keep cool

I keep the ice packs from the Gousto box. They are fantastic for when you need a quick cool me down. I put them on my head, back and tummy, quick wipe down with an antibac and back into the freezer. I keep mini ice packs to hand for the wrists and back of knees. If I’m desperate I simply run my wrists under cold water for a moment to regain my composure.

As I’ve gotten older, I really struggle with what to wear in the summer. Varicose veins now plague my once perfect pins so short shorts are simply not an option. I prefer to cover my arms a little due to the 18 year old me that wanted that tattoo that time. I still like it because it’s a part of my history but there are times I wonder what the f*ck I was thinking. If there’s a secret to keeping the bingo wings at bay in the humidity without risking a faint stench of b/o do let me know.

What to wear

Meet style consultant, Penny Bennett. The first time I met Penny, my jaw dropped. She was not only beautiful but she was wearing the most fabulous ensemble. She was destined for the fashion world and it comes as no surprise to see her thriving in her empire.

Penny has trained Personal Shoppers from the High Street’s top clothing brands and regularly teaches Personal Styling at the London College of Fashion. She has also been reviewed by Grazia magazine, and been interviewed by the Telegraph, FT and featured on Talk Radio. 

Penny’s philosophy

I talked to Penny about summer recommendations. Here’s what she had to offer:

‘As an Aussie in London, I take to high-summer dressing like a duck to water but I know so many of my clients struggle when temperatures sky rocket. Here are 5 things you can do to look and stay cool.’

1. Elevate your basic T-shirts with the right jewellery. Asymmetry is interesting for the eye and I love the architectural earrings from COS. 

2. Get playful with colour. Summer is a great time to go brighter and lighter shades will keep you cool.

3. The right shoe can do all the hard work in levelling up your dressing so you feel pulled together when wearing your relaxed summer basics.  

4. Swot up on your fabrics. Some textures may feel like cotton but are actually synthetics like polyester that don’t allow your body to breathe (read: make you sweat… a lot). Massimo Dutti has a great range of linen shirts. Just remember to go oversized and roll up the sleeves. 

5. Add a sleeveless jacket to your favourite cotton maxi dress and suddenly you feel work appropriate without working up a sweat. I just bought this one from H&M

We hope these tips help you get through the next few months. As if we ever need an excuse to online shop!

Do leave a comment and connect with us on Instagram here where we love to chat all things being in your 40s.