Why am I so stiff and achy in the morning?

Waking up should be a time that’s filled with light and the sound of bird song, but for so many women over 40, the reality is far from this! Indeed, if you’re noticing more and more aches and pains after rolling out of bed, it’s time to do something about them. 
You don’t deserve to feel stiff and achy and like you can’t walk first thing in the morning – you deserve to get out of bed with all the energy you feel inside. To ensure you can live life to the full as you get older, here are some little ways you can reduce stiffness and aching from laying in the same position for 8 hours on end.

Get a Better Mattress and Pillow

stiff and achy

If you’re worried about the way you sleep causing you to feel stiff and achy, it might be time to look into swapping out your mattress and pillows. If you want more support during the night, you may need firmer versions than what you’ve already got. Even if you invest in memory foam, you can still get that bounce from the bed that you really need.

Or maybe you need something a bit softer, or with a few less springs? Take advantage of those 100 day free trials from major mattress companies and see which type works best for you.

See an Osteopath 

stiff and achy

Talking to an Osteopath can do wonders for your sleep/wake cycle. If you experience pain after waking up, but if you tend to wake up throughout the night as well, visiting an Osteopathic Consultancy could be the next best step for you. 

After all, Osteopaths treat joint problems, including pain, to help the body function normally. In doing so, they promote healing, and that can help your whole body to feel more supple, less stiff and achy and more like you! 

And if you want to do away with the stiffness as much as possible, talking to a professional about what treatments would work best for you is a smart move. Better sleep equals more energy, which can lead to a whole host of benefits, and that can all start right here.

Learn to Stretch Properly

stiff and achy

Stretching can do wonders for muscle aches, and they can help your body to loosen up when done regularly. So, after waking up, think about doing about 10 to 15 minutes of stretching every morning and see how you feel. Or even just 5 if you’ve got little time.

You don’t even need to get out of bed! You can do a stretch routine even just laying down; with positions like the Cobra stretch and spine twists, you just need to orientate yourself right on your mattress. You can also sit up and do more movements, and then slowly get yourself to standing. The more you move, the better you’ll feel, even if it is first thing in the morning! 

If you feel stiff after waking, and ache getting out of bed, you don’t have to sleep like this forever!

How do you feel when you wake up in the mornings? Comment below and let us know if your’e stiff and achy in the mornings!