Easy ways to get in the mood on Valentine’s day

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Does Valentine’s Day get you groaning for the wrong reasons? It can be a bit of a cringe fest, especially if you’re finding yourself single, lonely and downright miserable. Don’t worry, there’s something for everyone here and it’s the only guide you need to have a happy Valentine’s day and make it one to remember for all the right reasons.

Many women feel depressed and sad towards Valentine’s Day, especially later in life. Perhaps because the day usually fills love in the space,
which can give them pressure concerning menopause. Therefore, talks about romance possibly hit you hard. That should not be the case since
you can still rock your day and feel uplifted.

Top 3 Tips For The Over 40s To Enjoy A Romantic Night

get in the mood on Valentine's day

We asked Ieva Kubiliute, psychologist and a sex and relationships advisor, for her top tips on how to get in the mood on Valentine’s Day. Here’s what she said:

1. Pamper Yourself With A Spa At Home

Set up a spa night composing a scented bathtub. Have some wine and treat your body with a home spa experience or massage. Perhaps this is an
opportunity to try CBD bath bombs that brings not only a splash of aromatherapy on self-care, but also some little fizzers with relaxing benefits.

2. Invite Friends

Ask friends to come over for a drink, evening snack, or a movie night. You can laugh and share a lot to shift your energy to positivity. Talk
of everything. you may want to avoid conversations linked to romance as it may take you back.

3. If Single, Get A Vibrator

You can create a romantic V. Day even if you are single. A vibrator has almost everything you require for stimulating your sweet spots, leaving you screaming in ecstasy. Do not deny yourself pleasure. It is also a healthy sexual self-care.

So what else can we do to get in the mood for Valentine’s Day? Read on for some more suggestions…

Kiss me quick

The gorgeous and talented celebrity make up artist, Donna May, shared with us her top picks for the most irresistible, smooch-able red lipstick.

‘My all time Fave (but is now out of stock) is Bobbi Brown Art Stick In Harlow red or sunset orange – they are both Matte chunky pencils and stay put all day… I’m trowelling the internet to find more .

Giorgio Armani Rouge D’armani Matte in shade 402 is a luxurious red lip- it’s a deep blue red , velvety and a great Night-time shade I always feel super glam when I have this on!

Dr Paw Paw Tinted Ultimate red Balm is a great summers day red- sheer with a red hue that can be layered up to look deeper if required, brilliant for on the beach when you just need a little ‘something’.’

get in the mood on Valentine's day
Bobbi Brown from £25, Giorgio Armani £22.75, Dr Paw Paw from from £3.95

There’s not better way to store your make up than this insanely gorgeous make up bag from Donna’s own collection, Donna May London.

Upgrading your underwear

We don’t know about you but the last time we decided to treat ourselves to some new underwear felt like 1999! OK, maybe not that long ago, but definitely pre-pandemic. As we hit our 4th decade, what we require from our underwear changes. We want to feel comfortable, sexy AND supported. If you think those first two words don’t go together then think again!

We’ve recently been testing out the range from No.1 Bra and can safely say they have 100% achieved this illusive combination. Their bras and undies are not only supremely comfortable (as if you had nothing on, but with all the support), cut beautifully and make you feel as if your divine feminine power is sexily oozing out of every pore. We tested this hypothesis out on one of our resident other halves – Mr C – and he unanimously agreed! Made by women, for women of today. You’ll be happy to keep these on all of Valentine’s Day.

Top buy: we especially loved the Kelly Black Bra which is not only insanely comfortable but gives you a gorgeously sexy shape and just the right amount of lift to achieve that va-va-voom factor.

Now ladies, don’t stop your underwear upgrade there. Instead hot foot it over to award winning lingerie brand Anita and Rosa Faia. Synonymous with lingerie that offers a perfect fit, excellent function and a gorgeous look – again think beautiful bra sets that combine the latest trends with modern cuts. We tested one of their bras and loved the beautiful, timeless and elegant design which made you feel like something out of a Dior advert, but scored high on the comfort stakes too.

Top buy: look out for their Colette bra which – named after the Parisian author Colette who turned Paris on its head with her unconventional style during the Belle Époque. Colette had many faces – she was a grande dame, enfant terrible, utterly sensual, intellectual and always true to herself. Wearing it will make you feel confident, sensual and brilliant.

It’s not all pants

There is ‘no bigger passion-killer than a man in a pair of ill-fitting or unattractive pants’ bemoaned 29 per cent of British women in a recent survey. That equates to 29 per cent of guys failing to light the spark thanks to being pants about their pants.

With the average man buying just 3.4 pairs of pants a year, and 22% of men admitting to not changing them daily, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to help him drop the old pants and up the passion in a shiny new pair!

New UK men’s underwear brand Crossfly offers quality underwear both he (and she) will love. Boasting super soft quality fabrics, the stylish designs offers a UK first with their unique patented X-FLY system which enables quick and easy access to his crown jewels with a simple thumb swipe. Katie’s husband, Will, was lucky enough to try out a pair. He said ‘I love my new pants, such easy access! They are breathable, comfortable with plenty of room.’ Shortly after that they were on the floor hahahahha.

get in the mood on Valentine's day
IKON trunks or boxers in Everyday styles or Pro, £24.99

Spray your way into the mood

There is a huge amount of pressure to “do it” or be sexy on Valentine’s Day. But what if you simply don’t feel in the mood? Here’s a little cheat for you to try. Lab Tonica have just launched a new natural libido-boosting saucy mist. Blended with oils including jasmine, rose, black pepper and sandalwood, designed to stimulate feelings of pleasure, stimulation and arousal.  it’s gentle enough to be used on the body, the bed and just about anywhere else you feel like! The perfect way to get in the mood on Valentine’s Day pretty much instantly!

Lab Botanica Saucy Mood Mist 50ml £15

Remember, we don’t have to get too serious and bogged down with the true meaning of Valentine’s Day – especially after the last two years we’ve had! Instead, why not use this Valentine’s Day as a chance to have some fun and frivolity. It could be just the boost you need! How will you be getting in the mood for Valentine’s Day? Why not share you plans in a comment below or let us know over on our Instagram community here.